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4 Upsells You Should Stock In Your Salon

4 Upsells You Should Stock In Your Salon

12 April 2022

As a salon owner, you should always be asking yourself the important question: Am I maximising my opportunities?

Top tips for selling products in your salon

6 Top Tips For Selling Products In Your Salon

21 February 2022

With the rise of online shopping and the decline in high-street retail, it can be easy to disregard in-salon selling and focus only on an online sales hub.

Whilst mastering your online presence is essential, nothing beats a human-to-human sale.

What Is Hair Porosity

11 January 2022

In the simplest terms, your hair porosity is its ability to soak up and hold in moisture and products. It affects how well moisture passes in and out of the inner layers of your hair, the cuticle.

Toner or No Toner. What colour clients need to know!

10 January 2022

Wanting the perfect blonde sounds like a simple request but it depends on a number of factors from your natural hair colour, previous colours and condition of your hair. But no matter what blonde you want, a toner (also known as a glaze or gloss) is a must have for the best results.

SVVY Detangling Brush

01 December 2021

SVVY brush is perfect for all hair types, especially extensions, wigs, and children. Our brush is curved to fit the head shape for ease and efficiency. It reduces frizz, protects sensitive scalps, detangles, and smoothes the hair cuticle, the smooth bristles allow the brush to glide through the hair.

Coverage Perfection with Eva Professional Divina.One Colour

29 November 2021

Our Divina.One colour range doesn’t have a set base for all colours; each colour is made individually and not a mass produced base divided into batches with different pigment added. It’s a more expensive way to manufacture but gives much better high quality results.

Benefits of hur.irons

26 November 2021

There are many benefits with purchasing a hur.iron over competing iron companies. hur.irons have mineral infused ceramic plates which inject health, by sealing the hair cuticle by locking in moisture. This leaves you with smoother, shiner, and longer lasting results.

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