Thermal protectors, always a good recommendation

Posted on Mar 29, 2015



We know there are a lot of customers that come to your salon to trim their ends due to the continuous use of thermal tools. Most of them would rather prefer to let their hair keep growing, but due to split ends, they have no choice but to let scissors do the job.   

Thermal products are specific products which could protect your hair from high temperatures and related damages, so you could offer these products to prevent split and extra dry ends.

Thermal shampoos prepare and purify hair and protect it from hot water. Taking showers with hottest water can cause that hair suffers and turns it fragile. THC Shampoo is what your customer is looking for; an exceptional product which prepares your hair so that it could suffer thermal tools perfectly.

A good protector must include some indispensable active ingredients in its formulation. These ingredients must prepare and protect the capillary fiber against deflating, thanks to its soft emulsion which conditions the hair. So apart from protected, you hair will also be healthy and soft.  You can recommend THC Protector which includes Rhodiola rosea biomolecules. These active ingredients help to ease brushing and control frizz.

 THC Styler, you will win hair direction, volume and shine with it's thermal protection and hold giving flexibility and control.