Beards and Barbering your salon missing out

Posted on Jul 10, 2014

Beards are so fashionable at the moment, but not all salons offer a beard maintenance service to their clients. Chin curtains need TLC just like the hair on top of your head so here's some news on keeping up with the trend in salon...using professional products to maintain a beard is also really helpful....products like Eva Professional Frequency Shampoo will keep it fresh, clean, soft and flake free for the longest or shortest of beards! Keep it tidy, a clean and well pruned beard is best no mater what length it is!

A few months ago, we mentioned men as new potential salon clients and the many services that are now in demand, thanks to them.

One of these is a good shave, and today we would like to talk about the trendiest look in this area: the hipster beard.

Ok, at first only big Hollywood stars like George Clooney or Brad Pitt could pull it off, but today it's become one of the most common and trendy looks on the street.

But why is it called hipster? This type of beard was given this name because of its origin, as it emerged in association with this contemporary group affiliated with independent music.

The main characteristic of this beard is that it is very thick and usually curly, with a carefree feel to it. What's more, it can be seen on men with any look, not just on the stereotypical hipsters…formally dressed gentlemen also sport it.

Even though it has been traditionally associated with slovenliness, this type of beard requires almost daily care, especially in terms of its length and shape, which must be very clear and well cared for. Maintaining the length and shape of the beard is very important, precisely to stay clear of the traditional concept of the beard associated with sloppiness in men.

Therefore, and aware of the need to be on the cutting edge, here are some details about some of the trendiest BARBER services that you can offer, aimed at this niche market.

Shaving: the services offered generally fall into one of two categories: head shaving and the classic beard shaving. Nowadays, this tradition is highly prized, since it constitutes an entire ritual that combines the application of hot and cold towels before and after the razor work, to get the closest shave possible.

Trim / shaping: These services for beards and moustaches are aimed at maintaining the desired length. The technique most commonly used is a free-style shave with a straight-edge razor.

Other services: In this area, you might offer packages of services that include manicures and pedicures, capillary treatments or peelings, waxing services or relaxing and/or stimulating scalp massages.


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