Salon Marketing Ideas to Increase Retail Sales

Posted on Mar 03, 2015

Here are 6 simple yet effective merchandising tips which you know you should be doing. Take a quick peek at your shelves and see if you really are… 

Work your salon reception desk

Think of standing waiting to pay at a supermarket. You are surrounded by those last minute small items to tempt you just to spend a little bit more. And many people do get tempted.

Do the same in your hair or beauty salon. Pop a basket of travel-size skin care products or a handbag size hair spray on your reception desk. The run up to Mothers Day and Christmas are great times to have a basket of inexpensive gift ideas a d stocking-fillers on your reception.


Eyes right for retail sales

Did you know most people will always head to the right after first entering a shop? It happens unconsciously simply because most people are right-handed.

So ensure your salon has any bargains and your best sellers in this area to entice your clients to start to spend.


Ready, steady… SHOP!

Create a focal point at eye level on your shelving. A new shampoo could be the main focal point, with complementary items such as conditioner and styling products placed nearby to encourage multiple sales.

Ensure your salon display is visually balanced with dark colours (which appear heavier than light ones) lower in the display and lighter coloured products at the top to avoid appearing top heavy.


Keep retail simple

Make it easy for the client to find what they are looking for. Don’t confuse them – too often I see salon displays where every row or shelf has a different arrangement.

Use individual product signs – known as shelf talkers – clearly showing the price, name and size of the product.  Clients can feel embarrassed about asking for prices so make it easy for them to buy. Would you order off a food menu without knowing the prices?


Clean up

Don’t let basic housekeeping slip just because your salon is busy or understaffed. Salons are dusty places so make an organised team member responsible for cleaning every bottle and shelf at least once a week.  You don’t see dusty shelves in Boots or Sainsbury’s so your clients don’t expect to see them in your salon.


Keep retail suppliers on their toes

Ensure you’re getting the best deal from your salon product suppliers. Think discounts, samples, service, help with prizes and giveaways and delivery times. You’ll be surprised what you can get if you ask.

Think too about buying quantities to get the best supplier deals.


Over the coming months all three of our main brands: Eva Professional, Evo Haircare and Kebelo will be launching new marketing materials. Eva Professional will also have a bespoke marketing kit for stockist salons, which include your logo and promotions that you may wish to run to make you stand out from the crowd. As us for more details.