Furnishing Your Salon - A Quick Guide

Posted on Jun 04, 2013

A quick overview of hints and tips for styling your Salon from our supplier, REM Furniture.

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Reception and Welcome Area

Salon Set-up

Your reception and welcome area needs to look good, so that your clients can see that you know what you’re doing. Would you trust a salon with worn out reception furniture, mismatched chairs and broken beauty salon equipment?

Depending on the size and type of your salon, you might want separate wash areas for your clients. Perhaps you have plenty of staff who can take care of your clients’ every need, or maybe you have to do everything yourself, and want to make sure that you have the most appropriate beauty salon equipment. Your beauty rooms need to look the part too, so that your clients can relax and feel at ease whilst they have their treatments.

Salon Location

The location of your salon can help you to determine what sort of beauty salon equipment you need, and what styles will be most suitable. If you’re on a busy city centre street, then you’ll have different requirements to a quieter or more rural salon.

Your Clients

Your clientele will also play their part in your style, beauty salon equipment and furniture too. If your clients are young professionals who want the latest treatments and styles, then you’ll need to make sure that your beauty salon equipment, furniture and interior design reflects this. If your customers are older, and want to chat and be pampered as much as they want to look good, then having cutting edge designer beauty salon furniture isn’t going to appeal to them.

Treatment Areas

Your treatment couches will need to be comfortable and adjustable so that your clients enjoy their treatments, and your beauticians can work their magic. As well as couches, remember that you’ll also need other beauty salon equipment like stools trolleys, nail stations and chairs.


Having enough storage is crucial, and whether you want somewhere to store your gowns and towels, product literature or other beauty salon equipment, you won’t want your salon to look untidy and unprofessional.

Display areas can be vital items of beauty salon equipment and used to promote products that your clients can buy, or for appointment reminders gift vouchers and anything else that you want them to buy. Why not see what other products and services you could provide for your clients?

REM Salon Supplies

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