Oct 27, 2021

Another new addition to our Savvy family… hur.irons.


hur. is here to turn hairstyling on its head, with a three-strong range of styling irons that hit the market in November 2020. Designed with more than just the consumer in mind, hur. has used stylist-led innovation and industry professional feedback to curate a collection of tools that bring a new angle to hair styling. Spearheaded by the signature slanted plates, all hur.irons give you the power, freedom, and the ability to experiment with your style.

hur.’s fresh approach to hair styling centres on high-performance tools that deliver immediate results, while keeping your hair’s health number one priority. With an exterior variable temperature control, users can select a heat that best suits their hair type, style or condition, avoiding unnecessary heat application and subsequent damage. Each of hur.’s irons also boasts floating, mineral-infused ceramic plates that seal the hair’s cuticle and locks in moisture, leaving customers with smoother, shinier and longer-lasting results.


At Savvy our main business goal is to only stock and sell from brands that are dedicated in being eco sustainable, and causing little to no harm to the environment. hur. have a commitment to helping save the environment by giving customers the unique option to have their iron sent either ‘in all its glory’ or ‘naked’ in a bid to cut down on packaging where possible. By doing so, hur. hopes to empower consumers to make choices they can feel good about, and pave the way for sustainable change in the beauty industry.

hur. was founded by Lucy, who commented “It was really important to me to create a brand that had a bigger social and environmental impact. Having a ‘great’ product is no longer enough, brands must provide an experience that helps the customer feel good about that interaction and make better choices. My hope is that in helping our customers look good and take better care of their hair, hur. can also help make a difference in an industry that still has a long way to go when it comes to ethical standards”.

The feedback already from all the hur.irons has been amazing. All customers have been so happy with their hur.irons, and all love them a lot more than previous irons they have had. Why not try them today with a demo from one of our Savvy team?

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