What Is Hair Porosity

Jan 10, 2022
In the simplest terms, your hair porosity is its ability to soak up and hold in moisture and products. It affects how well moisture passes in and out of the inner layers of your hair, the cuticle.
What Is Hair Porosity


It helps to understand the structure of the hair when determining its porosity. Each strand has an outer layer of Cuticles that look a lot like tiles on a sloping roof. They essentially allow moisture in and out through an opening and closing action. Your Cuticles open up when things like heat or chemical treatments hit them and close with cold water and certain products.


Typically porosity is seperated into three main groups:

  • Low Porosity. The Cuticles are closer together making it harder for water to penetrate and give your hair the moisture it needs. Products sit on the hair shaft and don't absorb well. Takes a long time for hair to air dry or water to saturate it when washing
  • Medium Porosity. Cuticles aren't too close together or too widely spaced. This allows moisture to be retained easily for extended periods of time. Hair is easy to style and takes colour well.Hair is shiny and looks healthy and glossy. Holds styles for longer
  • High Porosity. The Cuticles are far apart and therefore let a lot of moisture in, but also isn't able to retain it for long.Absorbs oils, products and water quickly. Tends to snap and break easily. Frequently hair looks frizzy or really dry.


Quite often genetics plays a big part in this, if a certain porosity level runs in your family, chances are your the same. However, there are exterior factors that can alter your natural porosity level. Chemical treatments, bleaching, harsh non professional products and consistent use of hot tools (yes we're talking hairdryers too). will damage your hair over time and cause your cuticles to open up more permanently, making it harder to retain moisture.


Using a non-sulfate shampoo and a deep conditioner with equal amounts of protein and moisture will help to balance out your hair. We recommend mixing products like evo mane attention and evo great hydrator as a weekly treatment. This is a double whammy of protein and moisture to help boost protection and balance out porosity .

PRO TIP - Follow up your routine with a water based moisturiser, as hair absorbs water more easily than oil. for example Hydra-in Carthemus Light Cream.

Being consistent with your hair routine will ensure you always keep it looking its best.