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Mediceuticals Laboratories, based in New Jersey USA, develops and delivers unique dermatological products that helps the hair and scalp to be in optimum condition. Mediceuticals helps combat hair loss and thinning hair. Mediceuticals also provides effective methods of treatment for a wide range of specific hair, skin and scalp problems. Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Technology solutions incorporate riaminocoptinol, a potent anti-hair loss complex that targets the three primary causes for hair loss:
  • 5a-Reductase, which converts to DHT
  • Inadequate blood circulation
  • Weak anchorage of the hair in the dermal papilla
Triaminocoptinol consists of three active phases working synergistically to achieve optimum hair health.
Advanced Hair Restoration Technology for Women

Advanced Hair Restoration
Technology for Women

Mediceuticals for Women are specially formulated solutions that target the problems unique to female scalp disorders and general hair loss.
Scalp Therapies

Scalp Therapies

Mediceuticals Scalp Therapies are proven pharmaceutical formulations that are clinically tested products for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders.
Healthy Hair Solutions

Healthy Hair Solutions

A generation of dermatological hair treatment solutions specifically formulated for repairing and protecting extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair. Promotes beautiful, healthy, virgin hair quality. These remarkable solutions feature a patented enzymatic protein for optimum repair, protection & health.
Hair Body - Zero Weight Styling

Hair Body - Zero Weight Styling

Mediceuticals Hair Body Zero Weight Styling products are formulated for all hair types and textures, especially fine and thinning hair, and feature natural botanical extracts to enhance and protect follicle health.
Unique Care Products

Unique Care Products

This range of products exists of two unique products that are developed to take care of your skin, scalp or hair. A unique masque that repairs and revitalizes the hair. And a hand and body cream that provides a 24 hour protection to the hands and body.
Scalpro Smoothing and Detangling Brush

Scalpro Smoothing and Detangling Brush

The Mediceuticals SCALPRO smoothing and detangling brush is a new innovative brush designed specifically to protect the scalp and quickly detangle, whilst smoothing the hair cuticle. The round shape fits to the shape of the head, making the brushing process more comfortable and efficient. Small silicone pins help to reduce frizz and detangle with no tugging. This is great for people struggling from a problem, sensitive scalp as it is much more gentle. The SCALPRO is also ideal for extensions and wigs, keeping them smoother and shinier.

Can be used on wet or dry hair.

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Bao Med

Why Bao-Med

The baobab tree called the tree of life for its almost mythical powers, it provides food, water, shelter and traditional medicine. The baobab tree is found in very remote areas of Africa. Surrounded by the sounds and smell of the African

BAO-MED® products are currently available in a compact family of 4 products.

Pure Baobab Oil

Bao Med Oil
Bao-Med Pure Baobab Oil, cold pressed, unrefined and certified organic. BAO-MED® oil is a superb skin moisturiser and deeply nourishes the skin, repairing dry skin conditions. This warmly golden coloured oil, extracted from baobab seed is a tribute to these ancient African trees.


Superior moisturizer    Absorbs quickly    Anti-aging   
Omega 3, 6 & 9    Relieves dry, itchy & scaly skin   

Pure Baobab Soap

Bao Med Soap
Bao-Med® Pure Soap contains baobab oil from South-Africa. The properties from the baobab oil make the Bao-Med® Pure Soap a cleansing, moisturizing and pure soap.


Leaves skin feeling refreshingly hydrated    Bao-Med’s balance of freshness and care    Cleanses and moisturizes without dryness or tightness
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Food Supplement

Bao Med Food Supplement

For Stronger Hair, Skin & Nails

Bao-Med food supplement is a product that aims to improve the condition of the hair, skin and nails. The main component is the beautiful Baobab powder from South Africa. In addition, the product is enriched with Biotin, Zinc & Folic acid to create the ideal mix for stronger hair, skin & nails.
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Food Supplement

Pure Oil Bodywash

Bao Med Oil Bodywash


Bao-med® has developed a PURE OIL BODYWASH to deliver efficient soothing benefits while intensely nourishing the skin, with the most essential restoring elements. Bao-med® Pure Oil Bodywash with organic baobab oil provides intense hydration and optimal skin comfort.
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