Capilo | Oxygenum | Aqua Infusion | #34 | Dry Dandruff Lotion

By Eva Professional


Picture of Capilo | Oxygenum | Aqua Infusion | #34 | Dry Dandruff Lotion

Treatment of DRY DANDRUFF

Moisturising Lotion

Contents: AMPOULES of 7ml / 0,24fl oz


  • Purifies the hair and scalp
  • Strengthens the scalp's natural defences
  • Eliminates dandruff and regulates the sebaceous glands
  • Moisturizes the scalp and hair with added shine.

For the treatment of dandruff and peeling. Purifies, soothes and eliminates dandruff. The combined action of Echinacea and White Tea act deep down, creating a hydrolipidic barrier to protect the scalp. The cellular oxygenator incorporated in its formula exerts a great oxygenating effect on the skin cells of the scalp.

How to use: Use on freshly shampooed and towel-dried hair. Apply an entire single dose directly to the scalp, part by part. Vigorously massage in with the fingertips to stimulate the microcirculation of the scalp and enure the complete absorption of the product. Do not rinse. Unless indicated otherwise by a professional, apply twice a week.

Ingredients: With Echinacea, White tea and Cellular oxygenator


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