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By Eva Professional


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Eva Professional introduces a revolutionary concept in hair colour, thanks to UCS2: Ultra Colour System 2 Technology

This new technology for permanent colour has been developed by Eva Professional's research team and distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by Savvy and Shine.

Benefits: It includes a set of active ingredients that accentuate and improve the colouring results. A Deep colour injection to reach a maximum colour retention.

How does it work?

Through the combined action of:

Chroma-Tech Crystallized micropigments: which boost colour penetration.

Collagen: With conditioning properties that seals and strengthens the cuticle whilst giving total hair fibre protection.

Castanha do Brazil gives silkiness and amazing shine.

For Professional Use - contact us for your nearest Eva Professional Salon.

Savvy and Shine are Distributors of Premium Brand Hair Care Products to Salon Professionals

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