Eva | Divina One | Diva | Judy Garland | 5.41

By Eva Professional


Picture of Eva | Divina One | Diva | Judy Garland | 5.41

Eva Professional Divina One | Diva 5.41 Judy Garland Warm Brown Tones 

Anti-Age Permanent Hair Colour

Anti-aging hair colour that provides 100% coverage, for even the most resistant white hair.  

Does not require mixing with natural bases. 


15 soft shades with an extra boost of shine

Covers up to 100% of all grey hair with double-highlight shades for more flattering, natural results 

No need to mix with base tones

UCS.2 Anti-Age Technology

Additional care for mature hair: Chroma-tech, Collagen, Abyssinian oil

Standard lightening power: 2-3 shades* 


Maximum colour penetration

Its boosting action activates the penetration of colour to the cortex for maximum colour injection and complete retention. 


Maximum colour adhesion

For optimal cuticle sealing and total protection of the hair 

Abyssinian Oil

Fights the signs of aging of the hair, making it soft and shiny.  Strengthens the fiber, boosting elasticity and density 2**



*on natural hair


**Test comparing it to a product without a specific formula.

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