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Picture of Eva | Divina One |  Extra Blondes | Super High Lift  Hollywood Extra Blonde | 11.00

Divina Super High Lift 11.00 

Divina Super High Lift Stands out for its great lightening strength which adds the necessary shade to prevent undesirable highlights during the colour process.

Technical features: Balanced lightening and shades of colour

Ideal bases for application: Natural bases with tones higher that 6.

Results: Maximum lightening power on natural bases, ensuring a balance between the lightening strength and the highlight corrections. With sublime, long-lasting colours with greater intensity.  Uniform and intense tones.

Eva Professional introduces a revolutionary concept in hair colour, thanks to UCS: Ultra Colour System Technology

This new technology for permanent colour has been developed by Eva Professional's research team. 

Benefits: It includes a set of active ingredients that accentuate and improve the colouring results.  Soya protein concentrate and the crystallized micropigments act in perfect harmony to boost colour penetration.

How does it work?

Through the combined action of:

Crystallized micropigments: which boost colour penetration.

Soya proteins concentrate: With conditioning properties that provide hydration and help the hair return to its natural state. 

Protects the hair during the colour application process.

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