Eva | Divina Pure | Violets | Light Violin Brown | 5.20

By Eva Professional


Picture of Eva | Divina Pure | Violets | Light Violin Brown | 5.20

Divina Pure 5.20 Light Violin Brown


Protects and strengthens the hair.

Direct pigments that penetrate inside the capillary fiber, giving the colouring an added boost.

With Antioxidant, Hydrating and Nutritional Properties.

Rebuilds damaged hair.

Facilitates styling and Accelerates brushing.

Natural colours, full of shine.


A colouring with powerful treatment properties for a well-nourished hair.

Ammonia-free, odourless, paraben-free and silicone-free.

Maximum grey hair coverage.

Oleo-k-Rich technology: Exclusive formula with keratin, silk and brazil nut oil for silky, shiny effects.

29 shades that can be customized to create a sublime result different for each person.

For Professional Use - contact us for your nearest Eva Professional Salon.

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