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Evo Bradford Pin/Bristle Dressing Brush

Code: 39794

The Bradford loves to stroke hair.

The̴Ì_Concept.̴Ì_A dressing brush for daily grooming and dressing of long hair, while distributing natural oils and polishing the hair smooth.


Natural boar bristles to stimulate the scalp, reduce frizz and add shine

High heat-resistant, ionic pins help reduce frizz

Natural rubber, soft cushion pad for gentle styling

Made from fsc certified, sustainably grown hardwood

Improves the condition of dry hair

̴Ì_Boar bristle brushing helps maintain the health and condition of hair. The unique̴Ì_structure of the boar bristle carries sebum from the scalp to the end of the hair shaft by coating each hair strand with sebum.


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