Kasho Damascus Series 6.0" Offset

By Kasho


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Picture of Kasho Damascus Series 6.0" Offset

Damascus Series

Kasho Scissors are pleased to announce the introduction of a new series of scissors to complement their world renowned collection.åÊ

The Damascus Scissors have a unique ‰Û÷flat screw‰۪ system complete with integral ball bearings which ensures a silky smooth operation, the blades are finely mirror polished, and are available in offset 5.5", 6.0‰۝ and 6.5‰۝ sizes.

The Damascus Scissors combine old forge traditions with state of the art and futuristic technology. The maximum sharpness, hardness and durability of the edges is achieved using the renowned wear resistance V10 stainless steel alloy. The Damascus steel is carefully layered and forged on top to produce the beautiful Damascus patterning.

  1. The Kasho Damascus scissors represent the ultimate in hand finished sophistication
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