PeRA357 | Triple Impact | Grey/White/Blonde Hair | 150ml

By PeRA357


Picture of PeRA357 | Triple Impact | Grey/White/Blonde Hair | 150ml

Triple Impact combines patented technology and the best of nature to give the hair shine, volume and reduced drying time. Continued use will increase the benefits and ensure that your hair appears smooth, has maximum protection against the elements and is soft without being heavy.  Variants for Coloured hair, Natural hair and White hair allow you to select the right Triple Impact to suit your needs.

SHINE A Hydrophobic layer smooths cuticle scales softening the hair & increasing the appearance of shine.

VOLUME Patented composition and application of surfactant ingredient that can bind to the hair giving additional protection against external damage and the feel of increased volume.

SPEED Oleates bind to the keratin in the hair replenishing the hairs natural oils giving softness without weighing the hair down. Drying time of the hair is reduced.

TRIPLE OILS The combination of the coconut oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil complete the process by mimicking nature to enhance the shine, softness and smoothness of the hair.

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