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The REM Cascade White side panels. Complete with a tilting Sumo White Basin and water-saving shower head.  

There are 4 other Cascade options, contact the team at Savvy and Shine for pricing

Black side panels Code 4890

Laminated side panels Code 4770

Electric Leg Rest Code 4771

Vibro Massage System Code 4772

Available in a range of REM Fabric and Laminate Colours.

Options include

Black Sumo Basin Code 4853 (£66.00)

Cascade Link Unit Code 4529 (£228.00)

Dimensions: H x 99cm x W 59cm x D x 120cm

REM is a leading designer and manufacturer of modern, high quality Hair and Beauty Furniture.

This chair now has an extended 3 year warranty, terms and conditions apply please contact our customer services team on 0845 459 9464 for further details or to purchase this product as it is delivered directly from the supplier with a lead time of approx. 6 weeks. Carriage charges apply.

All prices for this chair are shown including VAT.

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