6 Things You Wished You Knew Before Starting A Salon

May 16, 2022

If you’re thinking of taking a leap of faith and starting up your dream career as a salon owner, then our handy blog will give you all the insider tips that will help guide you on your journey to having a successful business.


If you're thinking of taking a leap of faith and starting up your dream career as a salon owner, then our handy blog will give you all the insider tips that will help guide you on your journey to having a successful business.

Be more than just a hairdresser

So you might be an expert in balayaging or bouncy blow dries but starting your own salon requires much more than having good hairdressing skills.

If you're serious about starting your own salon then you need to be able to understand all things business. From how to price treatments and products correctly, staff management, to promoting your business on social media, you must ensure that you are clued up on every element of running a business.

It's recommended that you also seek advice from a business advisor or from connections in the industry to hear their stories and take advice on how to best navigate every facet of your salon business.

Have a business plan & stick to it

To put it simply, create a business plan and stick to it. Having a solid business plan outlines your goals and ensures you can budget for stock, staff wages and other outgoings with a clear path forward and will avoid the dreaded financial difficulty.

Before you get started, it is advised that you have a business plan which is tailored for each year. For example, you'll need a plan for the immediate setting up, then for the first year, the first three years and the first five years. Each plan will be reviewed annually.

Some important things to consider within your first business plan are:

  • Footfall
  • Competitors in the area.
  • Parking facilities.
  • Transport links.

Each one will have an influence on your business model, especially location as highly sought after locations often come with high business expenses so you must have a realistic view of what you want to achieve.

Learn the right height for workstation benches

Whilst getting to grips with the business element of your salon, you mustn't neglect the practical day-to-day runnings and often, many first time salon owners forget that they should get the correct benchtop finish height for a hair salon work station.

Lower back pain is a common work related injury for hairdressers due to standing for prolonged periods of time so getting this step right is key for employee satisfaction.

Generally, the finished floor level (FFL) to benchtop finish height for a hair salon work station is around 900mm so when kitting out your salon, this tip is a must.

Prevent noisy salons with insulated flooring

A busy salon means a happy bank account but this can have a negative effect on the overall salon experience for clients who often come and get their hair done to escape the hustle and bustle of their hectic lives.

Minimise the battle of bellowing over the roaring hairdryers and running taps by installing noise insulating vinyl flooring. This flooring solution is highly effective at absorbing sound and is also a great option for a hairdressing business thanks to its highly stain resistant, easy to clean and durable properties.

Entice customers with a welcoming reception space

Making a good first and last impression is a key element of acing your salon business so having a visually appealing reception desk is key.

From first introductions to upselling, the reception counter is where the magic happens and clients should not be met with an untidy space filled with paperwork or personal belongings.

Perfect the space with desk organisers, divine smelling diffusers and haircare products to influence consumers to purchase.

Go the extra mile for your clients with a simple and inexpensive personal touch

A recent Digital Trends study has shown that clients value when a business provides charging hub options.

Provide the opportunity for clients to charge their phone or tablet whilst in the salon, by supplying a charging dock at each workstation.

If you are looking for ways to kit up your salon, check out our selection of Professional Salon Furniture And Equipment.

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