May 24, 2024
Joanna Maxwell

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We look at the importance of looking after our hair colour at home. So, we’ve listed some key tips on how to care for your newly coloured doo at home, keeping it vibrant, healthy and protected until the next salon visit.

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    1. Leave it at least 48 – 72 hours after your fresh colour to wash your hair. Some of you might be thinking, “oh no!” But trust us, your stylist double cleansed and put on the goods so your new colour should be good for two or three days. Washing too quickly will make your colour fade faster. The reason for this is that it can take up to this long for the cuticle layers to close back up after colour has penetrated it. The longer you give your hair the better ‘trapped’ the colour will stay.

    2. This leads easily into our second tip - don’t wash your hair every day! It’s common sense really, wash it less and lose less colour.

      However, we know this isn’t for everybody, some of us need to have that fresh hair feeling on a daily basis. Regardless of if you’re a daily washer or can stretch it out a good silicone and paraben free colour protect shampoo is a MUST! Many of the over- the-counter products found in your local shop are not created for colour protection. They contain salts and sulphates that strip your colour out (hence the price tag).Trust your stylist when they recommend something off their shelf.

      They aren’t trying to make you spend more money with them, they’re trying to keep your locks in top condition. We recommend Evo Ritual Salvation duo for added repair and big-time colour maintenance.

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    1. Use a dry shampoo! It helps you stretch out your style for longer. It will get rid of the daily grime without stripping your hair from too much washing. Evo water killer dry shampoo comes in a brunette and an original and a handy travel size too to throw into your handbag.

    2. To really amp up your colour maintenance add a colour depositing conditioner to your wash routine. These magic lotions will help boost the colour pigments in your hair, to add vibrancy back to your colour and stretch out your salon visits. They’re also great for experimenting with if you want to try a tone without committing to a permanent colour.

      To ensure perfect coverage, shampoo and towel dry your hair before applying evenly from root to tip (ideal in sections), comb through and leave on the hair for a good ten minutes to reap the benefits

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  1. The magic of hair masks. The after-effects of colouring is mostly moisture loss, and if it’s bleaching then you’ll need to keep up repair. Hydrate and Repair should be your mantra.

    Hair masks will be your best friend, weekly treatments should become a strict habit. We love Evo Great Hydrator for a major hydration boost to dry locks. A good protein mask will be a life saver for the blondies amongst us to help repair damage created from over bleaching. Also remember a good leave-in conditioner will keep your hair deeply nourished on the go. They usually contain good silicones that prevent sun damage and frizz, Happy Campers Leave In Treatment smells like a dream and will leave your hair shiny and radiant.

    The Great Hydrator


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