Eva Professional Divina.Pure.Vegan

Oct 15, 2021

Welcome to Divina.Pure.Vegan. The vegan hair colour that respects the hair, people, and the environment. Divina.Pure.Vegan is an ammonia-free permanent hair colour cream with powerful properties that respects both hair and the environment, making ways for new formulas to guarantee maximum comfort and care for your client’s hair.

Eva Professional Divina.Pure.Vegan

Eco Friendly Colouring

Divina.Pure.Vegan is perfect for your clients with a sensitive scalp as the whole range offers conscious clients a unique experience of beauty and well-being. It's been formulated to reduce the risk of developing an allergy; while still delivering colour vibrancy, lastingness and coverage without compromise.

Available in 42 shades ranging from sophisticated blonde and brunette to bold black or daring red. Divina.Pure.Vegan leaves hair vibrant and full of vitality. All colours achieve 100% natural coverage that conceals regrowth, actively hydrates and strengthens the hair, and respects the integrity of the hair fibres whilst being kind to the scalp.

We are happy to announce that this ammonia-free permanent hair colour cream has 100% recyclable eco-friendly packaging making it sustainable and responsible for the planet. No unnecessary packaging has been used in production, reducing the use for plastic. The packaging is also FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified as Eva Professional remains an ethical brand.

Divina.Pure.Vegan is full of plant based and vegan-friendly active ingredients such as Hydrolysed rice protein,and Brazil nut oil. It is especially recommended for all hair types, people with a sensitive scalp, people who are committed to and respectful to the environment, people with sensitivity to ammonia and/or artificial fragrance, people who have never coloured their hair before, and to improve the colouring of highly porous hair.

You can now purchase our Divina.Pure activating cream!!! With 4 levels of performance, for different technical intensities; 5 Vol/ 1.5%, 8 Vol/ 2.4%, 18 Vol, 5.4%, and 28 Vol/ 8.4% you will achieve deep, radiant colours, silky and shiny hair, and maximum durability of results.

Specific Activating Cream

Divina.Pure activating cream has been specially formulated with Divina.Pure.Vegan colouring. It is necessary to use the colour activator to enhance the coordinated action of the active ingredients in the formulation.

Why not try this amazing new range of Vegan colour creams, and activating cream?? Save the hair, save the planet.