STOP Using Your Tatty Old Dirty Hairbrush, It’s Ruining Your Hair

Mar 23, 2022

So you may have mastered your hair washing routine and are clued up on the difference between your sulphate free shampoos and your ethical hair oils.

STOP Using Your Tatty Old Dirty Hairbrush, It’s Ruining Your Hair

However, when was the last time you cleaned your trusty hair brush?

If the answer is never, then you might want to listen up as it might be time to break up with your brush and invest in a new one. 

We’ve done our research and trichologists, dermatologists and hairdressers alike warn of the unsettling effects of using an old hairbrush on our luscious locks.

Here’s the science bit:

The act of brushing assists with distributing sebum and bacteria that is trapped on the brush bristles. Our uncleansed and unsanitised brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and mould that can recontaminate the scalp, spreading these nasty microorganisms to the base of the hair fibre, leading to congestion, inflammation of the scalp, and conditions such as dandruff and psoriasis. 

This may come as a surprise for many as surely our hair brushes can’t be the cause of our bad hair days?

Unfortunately, if there’s a buildup of oils and dead hair on the hair brush, then it completely defeats the purpose of brushing your hair to make it look smooth and tangle free. 

It can also put your hair at risk for damage especially if your hair is curly, thick, or requires a lot of product before brushing, then the delicate strands can snag on bits of leftover product and cause breakage.

So what next?

After ditching your tatty brush, it’s the perfect time to invest in a high quality brush that will restore your faith in the hair styling tool.

At Savvy and Shine, we stock a range of hair brushes including our very own SVVY Detangling Brush that is perfect for all hair types, especially for those with extensions, wigs, and young children. 

Our brush is curved to fit the head shape for ease and efficiency and with each brush, it reduces frizz, protects sensitive scalps, detangles, and smoothes the hair cuticle, thanks to its smooth bristles that glide through the hair.

For those who require a little more than just detangling, our friends down under at Evo Haircare have a range of 15 hair tools including natural boar bristle brushes, paddle brushes, combs and teasing tools to suit your individual hair type and styling needs.

The edgy Australian brand names each brush with its own male name and is made from FSC wood meaning it meets the "gold standard" ethical production.

So whether you choose Conrad, the bristle paddle brush for smoothing or Roy the wide tooth comb for your detangling, Evo Haircare will make sure you fall in love with your hairbrush again.