Top Tips for your Procare 24*7 Automatic Foil Cutter

Jul 14, 2021
IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing foil residue from the rollers is essential to keep your machine operating smoothly.

1. To power the machine on or off use the switch on the machine rather then the wall socket. This avoids ‘power surges’ which can damage the machine.

2. If your machine does not appear to have power make sure:

  • A) The power lead is full inserted.
  • B) The plug is switched on at the power socket.
  • C) The machine is switched on.

3. Ensure foil is loaded and seated correctly inside the machine - the foil core fits snugly into the locators and should be level and run smoothly.

4. Make sure you're using the correct foil. You can only use PROCARE 24 refill rolls, the 24*7 will not work with other foils. Incorrect foil use will display two dashes on the LED screen.

5. When loading a new roll of foil pull a short amount of foil out through the front of the machine ensuring you cover the foil sensor, this should be approx 5cm.

The Machine will automatically align the foil when switched on and you should allow this to happen without interference. The first sheet of foil should be removed from the collection tray immediately

6. Dont forget to lift the safety catch when lifting the lid, as shown on the label inside the machine. Close the lid with care and do not allow to drop.

7. Do not use the machine in temperatures above 25°C.

8. Occasionally wipe around the ‘mouth’ and inside the machine body with a dry cloth to help reduce the build up of static and to remove foil residues.

Periodically wipe over the 4 internal rollers and make sure you keep the inside of the 24*7 free of hair and other materials.

Removing foil residue from the rollers is essential to keep your machine operating smoothly. Failure to keep rollers clean causes the 24*7 to jam and is the most common cause of problems. Simply wipe over the internal rollers with a clean dry cloth and remove debris from the machine.

9. If the machine causes interference with radio devices relocate the machine.

10. If the reload light comes on, try pressing the reset button before checking anything else.

See the top tips video as well as a full 24*7 demonstration and other Procare videos on Youtube, simple search: procarehairfoil.

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