Treat Your Hair with A Svvy Brush

May 16, 2024
Joanna Maxwell

Joanna Maxwell from Savvy & Shine has used her years of hairdressing experience to create a specially designed hairbrush designed to keep your hair in perfect condition.

Treat Your Hair with A Svvy Brush

Learn about the SVVY Brush and why you need her in your life.

The SVVY brush was lovingly created through lockdown by yours truly.

After years of frustratingly looking for a brush that can be used in all aspects of my hairdressing and home life, I decided to bite the bullet, and jump out of the frying pan into the fire and do it myself.

The idea behind its creation was that we wanted a detangling brush that worked on the most sensitive of scalps (clients with alopecia or scalp problems included) and yet did the job right and detangled the most stubborn of knots without the usual painful tugging and scratching.


51 prototypes later (YES 51), we set into motion production of a brush that we felt ticked all the boxes.

  • Suitable for use in a salon with high heat
  • Perfect for brushing children’s tangles
  • Ideal for extremely sensitive scalps and problem scalps with hair loss
  • Great for using in wet and/or dry hair
  • Glides through wigs and extensions like a dream

The unique key points for SVVY are its soft grip, grooved handle (chosen for its exact length and non slippage) and the vented brush base for optimum blow drying manageability.

The shape of the brush head, is curved to fit the shape of the scalp for ease and comfort, cupping the scalp to ensure each bristle reaches the hair root.

Let’s not forget the unique specific lengths and mix of boar bristles and nylon pins being its main feature.


Boar bristle is what is used to smooth the hair and help distribute the natural oils from scalp to ends. This helps prevent oil build up and keeps your hair glossy.

(Pro Tip: Always use your SVVY brush right before bed to evenly distribute the natural oils from the day throughout your hair, to ensure well hydrated, and less greasy roots the next day) Soft nylon pin bristles get into the root and detangle the hair with minimal pulling and fuss.

Did You Know

  • Using the wrong type of brush, or pulling at those knots is actually causing you future hair loss?
  • Using a brush designed to protect your hairs elasticity is a MUST.

What Is Elasticity?

In the most basic of terms your hair stretches - like an elastic.


Healthy hair when it’s wet can stretch by up to 50% of its natural length and return to its normal shape without breaking.

Dry healthy hair will stretch by up to 20%.

But hair that is constantly subjected to heat from hot tools, chemical colouring processes and general lack of care lose their stretch and become brittle, breaking of shorter than their original length.

Using the correct brush will help protect your hair from any further damage.


Maintain our Brush Or Ruin Your Hair!

When was the last time you cleaned your brush?

If the answer took some thinking then you might want to break up with your brush and invest in a new one.

The actual act of brushing distributes sebum, this sebum clings to your brush and bacteria builds.

When you don’t clean your brush, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

We all know how important it is to clean our make up brushes on a regular basis, well your hair brush is just as important.

Nasty bacteria can re-contaminate your scalp, leading to congestion, inflammation and conditions like dandruff.

Your hair is delicate, treat it with the best.

The SVVY brush reduces frizz, protects the scalp, detangles and smoothes the hair cuticle thanks to its dual bristles that glide through the hair.

Treat your hair and yourself! Get in touch to find your local SVVY brush stockist.