6 Top Tips For Selling Online

Sep 14, 2022

As an online seller, you will know that advertising your product correctly is the easiest way to ensure it sells well, but getting over that first hill can often be the trickiest.

6 Top Tips For Selling Online

Whilst it may seem as easy as taking a photo and uploading it to your site, the entire process is slightly more lengthy than that and often little details you may not deem important are viewed by potential customers as a downfall, risking sales and your income.

Your website is also important when it comes to making sales, with the overall look having just as much importance as the products you are selling.

So to help you overcome these issues, here are some of our top tips to help you best promote and sell your products online.

1. Photos

The first thing to catch a potential customer's eye is your product image, so you need to ensure that it stands out and makes the item look both appealing and desirable. For items that come packaged in bottles, such as shampoo and conditioners, this is a tad trickier as there isn't much you can do to alter the appearance of them, but this is when the importance of staging plays a role on your site. Having a plain background in your image can prove to be super effective - less is more! Simply keep the product in clear view with no other distractions around to reduce confusion whilst also upholding a professional image on your site.

2. Usability

For many customers, it's important that a website is as minimalistic and uncomplicated as possible. With too many buttons to click or options to choose, you can quickly get flustered and opt for a different, more easily accessible shop. So to keep hold of those customers that have already made it to your website, it's crucial to have a website that is comprehensible and available for anyone to use, avoiding confusion as much as possible. Design it how you would like to see a website and how efficient it is in its job as a sales platform.

3. Continuity

Having a website that flows not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing but also adds to the element of professionalism which you will be aiming to portray. Having a set scheme which blends into your brand helps customers associate your products with your website and business, continuing your presence throughout. This can be done through the website itself, using certain fonts and colourways attributed to you, as well as via the product pages, including presenting all of your products in the same manner with similar photo styles and angles etc.

4. Product Descriptions

When it comes to selling your products, the same level of customer service is expected online as is in-store, so you want to show the customer a level of high expertise and awareness. Imagine it as a sales pitch, except you've typed it all out in advance and won't be able to converse in real time, although that shouldn't prevent a conversational tone in your description. As much as formality is favoured in a professional world, having a lighthearted, less bulky text for customers to read is far more effective online, so remember that when approaching a product description.

5. Chat Feature Or Contact Page

If a customer has queries or concerns regarding a product but no one to ask, it is highly likely that they will just shop elsewhere if a rival company has a chat function. And whilst these may seem to be minor features, they are an essential part of running an online business. If a live chat option isn't viable for you and your team, simply adding a contact form for the customer to fill out with their query or providing a clear contact number and email address will give your customers peace of mind that they will receive an answer and can continue to shop with you. Prompt responses on your behalf will also help maintain customer loyalty, so stay alert with your duty of customer care even when physically not there.

6. Friendliness

Despite not personally interacting with the individuals on your site, you still want to convey as much of a personal manner as possible. They may not be physically present to talk with and produce a smile, but instilling a sense of personal address and a lighter tone can replicate a similar environment, albeit online. 

Don't forget to remind your in-store customers of your website. Not only does this increase traction to your products, but you're also continuing the promise of good customer service by allowing them to further interact with your company. The golden opportunity of a client doesn't have to be solely in-person, so make sure you remember to upsell yourself and your online platform.