6 Top Tips For Selling Products In Your Salon

Feb 21, 2022

With the rise of online shopping and the decline in high-street retail, it can be easy to disregard in-salon selling and focus only on an online sales hub.

6 Top Tips For Selling Products In Your Salon

Whilst mastering your online presence is essential, nothing beats a human-to-human sale.

If even just half of your clients buy an item during their hair appointment, you can add a profitable stream of revenue to your business.

Your retail products won’t sell themselves – but strong merchandising and sales techniques will.

Here are 6 simple steps to improving your product selling so you can kickstart your salon merchandising magic:

1. Less is more for salon retail

Many retail studies have shown that when people are given too many choices they experience feeling overwhelmed and don’t buy anything.

If your product displays are overfilled and cluttered, it can be too confusing and can negatively impact the customer’s shopping experience.

When you’re selecting products to display, you must ensure that you strike a balance between giving clients a varied range whilst not overcrowding the space to give a more premium feel which in turn encourages shopping and spending.

2. Group your products into a series of mini collections

A good way to increase in-salon spending as by grouping products by hair type or concern.

For example, if a customer is looking at a moisturising conditioner, then placing products to deal with oily hair beside it is distracting and time-wasting.

By displaying products in an easy-to-view group style based on their uses and benefits, customers are more likely to make more purchases in one go.

3. Make your products accessible

Never hide your retail away in a locked glass cabinet or on shelves behind your reception desk as this places a physical barrier between customer and product.

Encourage a much more accessible browsing and shopping environment, open up your shelves in a designated area of the salon.

4. Display expert recommendations

When you’ve got your clear product signage for each shelf, it is also recommended to include a brief expert or celebrity recommendation to accompany the product as genuine recommendations can make a very powerful selling tool.

Keep an eye out for what celebrities or influencers are saying about the product or include a brief review from a hairdresser.

5. Build trusting relationships

Trust is at the heart of every successful relationship and building up relationships with clients is not only vital for securing their customer loyalty, but it will actually make for a better sale due to previous trust investment with providing a good service.

Once you solve one hair problem or give them the hair of their dreams, that opens the doors of opportunity to sell products and services to them as they already have reaped the benefits of your previous advice.

6. Practice making sales

Not everyone has the natural flair to sell. If you're uncomfortable retailing, practising your delivery can make all the difference.

Starting off by trying to sell a product to your friend or another stylist in the salon and have them replicate a client who actually does this, you’re prepared with an insightful and professional response. Using product flashcards can help you remember unique facts about each item you sell.