May 31, 2024
Joanna Maxwell

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and your hair needs to be perfect. At Savvy & Shine, they have all the tips and products you need to look picture perfect for your big day.


Wedding season is in full swing, and for many the day is fast approaching - panic stations!

Nowadays it's never been easier to find inspiration online for your chosen wedding hairstyle. But, what about hair tips and advice in the lead up to your wedding? What do you need to do to prep your hair for your big day? Should you wash your hair on the day before or on the day of your wedding?

We've put together all the answers to settle those nerves, and while your hair stylist will do most of the heavy lifting, there are certainly a few things you can do to make sure you end up with your dream wedding hair.



Don't begin to book bridal hair appointments until you have found ‘The Dress.' Your wedding gown will be a significant deciding factor in how you choose to wear your hair for your big day. Elements such as the colour, style, neckline and material will be taken into consideration by your chosen stylist. It's a good idea to send them pictures of your dress or bring some with you to your trial appointment. This way they have a clear understanding of the look you are aiming for. For example : boho, floaty dresses tend to suit a more relaxed, wave or stylish plaiting. High neck dress, or even backless? Why not try an elegant and intricate updo to show it off?


Once you have the dress, it's a good idea to search for inspiration. A good place to start is with social media, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal. Try looking for images under certain hashtags like #weddinghair #weddinghairinspo It is important however not to fixate on a specific photo, this will onlyrisk disappointment if your stylist can't exactly replicate the look. Remember everyone's hair is different, and a lot of images online are edited or have contraptions within them to hold them up. Rather provide a ‘look book' for inspiration than giving them the task of copying a look.


Use serums, and deep conditioning treatments in the lead up to your big day. Getting your skin in tip top shape isn't the only important thing, your hair is your crown, and it needs looked after. We recommend a weekly treatment mask like Brazilian bond builders reconstructing repair mask , which will help rebuild the bonds in your hair and keep it strong and frizz free for your big day. Consider taking hair, skin and nail supplements for a few months prior to your wedding day. Extra nutrition is never a bad thing and will help keep everything shiny and strong. If your wedding is during the summer season, consider using treatment oils specifically formulated to protect your hair from UV rays. The sun can dry out your hair and scalp very quickly, whilst fading colour fast, An SPF hydrating oil for your hair is a must. We recommend the Marie Claire awardwinning sun range from Eva professional haircare. This particular oil will hydrate, protect and leave a soft shine to your hair. Throw it in your bag for handy daily access. Your hair needs to go on a treatment journey for at least six weeks before your wedding day. If you have previous box dye colour, or any damage, your chosen stylist will need time to get your locks back into tip top condition.




Lots of brides try do something completely different from their norm on their wedding. Why have a slicked back bun when you would never dream of wearing your hair this way on a night out? You need to be comfortable, so always stay within the realms of what you think suits you. If you decide to change your hair colour, leave plenty of time for this transition to occur.


You've made your choices, so this is the day to relax. We recommend going for a chilled out blow dry with your stylist on this day. Depending on what style you've chosen they will set your hair in preparation for the early morning start. Washing your hair the day before is best, as it will settle in place, and easier to style the following day. Perhaps a toner or shine treatment can also be requested for that glossy redcarpet look. Just avoid any hot tubs the night before as the chlorine won't do your hair any good, and the heat won't either.




Have you considered booking your stylist to be on hand throughout the day? This is especially something to consider if you are planning on an outfit change. If this isn't an option, ask their advice on what hair products they think you should have to hand through the day for touch ups. A mini hair spray, kirby grips, small brush and a shine spray are always our essentials. Evo Haircare comes to the rescue in this department with a full array of miniature travel sizes available to fit in that emergency clutch your maid of honour is in charge of. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to think through your hair. We are always happy to give advice on where to find some of the best bridal hair experts in Ireland, so don't hesitate to get in touch.