Must Have Salon Furniture

Nov 23, 2022

How your salon looks matters and shows customers you care. If you care about how your furniture looks, you will care how they look which will bring long-term profits and new customers to your business.

Must Have Salon Furniture

We've put together a list of Must Have Salon Furniture that will entice customers into the salon even when they weren't originally planning to get any treatment. 

Less is more! We think a light and airy, minimalist approach to design works best, making your space look bigger than it really is and providing you with the opportunity to use pops of colour that stand out and coordinate with your brand colours.


The reception area is the first thing your customer will see when they walk through the door, it should be well presented and have character. A great way to do this is by having a simple and sleek desk design and adding plants, real or artificial. Plants liven up any space whether you decide on a bouquet of flowers or go with a green theme like us. 

Your reception desk should look organised with a phone, notebook and drawers to avoid clutter showing customers that you take your business seriously. 

Your clients might be sitting in your salon for the next few hours so it is important that the seating area is comfortable and somewhere they want to be. We would recommend you add cushions which are an ideal way to play around with colour and liven up your space, as well as being a great way to provide extra comfort for your clients and make them feel at home. 

Hair Salon

Before you get to designing your workspace, you should consider how much room you have for the stylist to work comfortably. Island styling units are a good option if you are working with limited space.

Whilst it's imperative that you like the colour you pick and it suits who you are as a company, when buying chairs and styling stations it's important to consider how messy the salon can get when working with various dyes and hair products so ensure the furniture you pick won't be destroyed if spillages occur. 

One of the most important parts of salon decor is having the right mirror and lighting. From a practical point of view, your lighting should have a Colour rendering Index (CRI) of 86 or higher in order to accurately see colour. Good lighting creates ambience which will make your client feel at ease and allow them to take accurate before and after pictures.

With so much choice, it's hard to know what kind of mirror to pick. Take into consideration the size of your salon, if you are working with limited space a big mirror can make the room feel bigger. Plus, a mirror with a nice frame can make all the difference, whether that be a neutral black, wooden, or something more vibrant.  

Nail Salon

At Savvy & Shine, we supply luxurious nail tables, chairs and storage units to display your nail polish. This is convenient for nail artists and will allow your customers to clearly see what the options are and add to the overall look of your salon. 

If you are looking for a fresher interior vibe, our comfortable tulip styling chairs come in green and pink, ideal for pairing with neutral colours or enchanting golds.

Don't forget the small touches that will bring the area to life, some things to consider are flowers, ornaments, pots and artwork, whether it's a small picture on the table, letter wall art or a feature wall behind, these small touches will give your salon personality and make it a place where customers will want to spend their time. 


Your spa should be serene with comfortable wash units, massage and pedicure chairs that are neck pain-free and will make your customers feel like their best selves.

REM Salon furniture is a high quality brand to consider, offering massage chairs with adjustable backrest, foot control and storage ideal for putting spare towels and massage oils.

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