Manufacturer of salon, spa, and barber furniture

REM, with its origins dating back now for over 100 years are one of the few remaining manufacturers into the Salon, Spa and Barber industries.
Barbershop Chair

Their exclusive designs and meticulous British workmanship offer customers all manner of furniture and fittings from Reception Desks to Wash Units and Salon Chairs and Spa Couches - their range is extensive...

All REM furniture is available to order in an array of 42 fabric and laminate finishes offering finesse and contemporary styling for your business needs.

As a company we strive to ensure that our business is run in the greenest way possible.

Compliance with regulations and all environmental policies is the Law, but it is also our practise to promote environmental awareness amongst our employees and encourage them to work in a manner focussed on reducing our impact on the environment.

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REM Salon



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Barbershop Chair

REM Salon Furniture

We know how important it is to find the perfect Salon Furniture, to create a high standard look which will show off your High-quality service but also guarantees to last a long time.

Create a beautiful and practical Salon with our wide range of Salon Furniture. Salon Chairs and Wash units can complement each other perfectly by choosing matching fabrics, the same counts for Styling Units and Receptions desk – matching fabric and laminate will make your Salon look clean and consistent.

We also offer wall-mounted or freestanding Hood Dryers to fit your hairstyling needs.

Styling Chairs Stools
Wash Units
Styling Units
Salon Trolleys
Dryers Processors
SPA Chair

REM Spa & Beauty Furniture

Everything you need to create a relaxing and practical spa and beauty area.

Whether your Spa is large or small we are always excited by the opportunity to create an environment that is stimulating, motivating and inspiring for staff and clients alike. Discover everything you need for your Beauty Salon and Spa, from comfortable Massage Couches, luxurious Pedicure Chairs with integrated basins, Nail tables to spacious Beauty Trolleys and Storage Units to fit all your required tools and work material for your staffs day to day working day.

Customize your Spa and Beauty Furniture by choosing your perfect fabric and laminate out of our large collection.

Our experienced Design Team can work with you, your architects and specifiers to help ensure your project achieves full potential in promoting your business and brand.

Nail Bars
Spa Couches
Beauty Chairs & Stools
Barbershop Chair

REM Barber Furniture

If you are renovating your existing Barber Shop or opening a brand new shiny one, we have the perfect furniture for your endeavor! With a choice of twenty gorgeous fabrics and laminates, you can fully customise the look of your Barbers Chairs and Units to your desired style. Go for modern clean edges or a classic vintage look, we’ve got everything to suit you, we also have the great choice of back or front-wash basins so you’re spoilt for choice. No more searching endless suppliers you’ll find everything you need right here with us and unbeatable quality.

Barbers Chairs
Barbers Units & Dispensaries

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