Sustainable, Eco friendly, Ethical brands

Oct 6, 2021

Here at Savvy & Shine we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly business. Choosing an eco-conscious business to purchase your products from will ensure you as a consumer are trying your best to save the planet.

Sustainable, Eco friendly, Ethical brands

At Savvy & Shine we only distribute products from brands that are also environmentally friendly, and whose core business objective is to save people and the planet. Evo Haircare, Eva Professional, Framar, all are great examples of brands who take many different steps to be eco-sustainable. For example using recycled materials, testing on humans NOT ANIMALS, and having a cruelty-free peta accreditation to prove this.

We are all animal lovers at Savvy & Shine and many of our customers would know this as the first person you are greeted with when entering Savvy HQ is the crazy Darcy; our favourite sausage dog. People and animals should all be treated with the same respect, which is why we 100% disagree with companies who test their products on innocent animals. You are guaranteed in Savvy to never purchase a product that has been tested on animals.

If we all made a conscious effort to reduce any harm we may cause to the environment starting with little steps such as; doing research into companies you are purchasing from to make sure they are eco-sustainable. We will all reduce the risk of climate change ruining the planet.