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EVY PROFESSIONAL is the culmination of decades of experience, expertise and a true passion for beautiful, healthy hair. Each EVY PROFESSIONAL product delivers a kiss of hydration for the love of fabulously healthy hair.

e-smooth - Organic Solutions for Hair

e-smooth Organic Solutions for Hair is a professional in salon hair smoothing system that combines science and organic ingredients to create hair that is smooth and easy to manage. The inclusion of wild crafted organic ingredients, amino acids, ceramides and hyaluronic acid help to give strength, shine and hydration resulting in frizz free hair that is easy to manage.

e-smooth will remove frizz, leaving you with softness, shine and strengthening it with the best organic ingredients. e-smooth is perfect for all hair types that desire soft silky easy to manage result.

Evy products

e-smooth - Smoothing Emulsion and Violet Smoothing Emulsion


Composed of a mixture of organic acids and natural proteins that act on the bonds of keratin chains in the hair fibre. With a heat source, the results will be smooth, silky hair with controlled frizz.

A unique blend of three organic acids to create smooth, manageable, hydrated hair.

Fruit extracts including tamarind, apple, sugar cane and milk with the addition of Hyaluronic acid and ceramides – with a very low molecular weight and silk.

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