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Eva | Capilo | Pre-Treatment | #01 | Technikum Shampoo

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Preparing a good base in the hair is essential for the treatment to work. Capilo treatments include a pre-treatment phase, where the scalp and hair are prepared for the next phase in which the corresponding treatment is applied. These are very sensory products.

Benefits: A shampoo full of sensations through its Cool 3D effect, a professional massage and friendly attention. Purifies and cleanses the hair deep down without irritating. Prepares the scalp and hair for the following treatment. Paraben, sulfate, silicone and allergen-free formula.

Available in a 500 ml format.

Ingredients: This salon shampoo is formulated with Cool3D technology, which is integrated in all products in the Technikum line. It works directly on the scalp, producing a cool/heat effect that stimulates the contraction and dilation of the skin pores, which increases the penetration and effectiveness of the treatment. The sensory contrast also stimulates the activation of the blood flow, accentuating the circulation in the treated area. Its formula also contains aloe vera, which soothes the scalp and prepares it to receive the product used in the treatment.