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Eva | Evajazz | Deja Vu | 100ml

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A hair wax in a fibrous paste format, Déjà vu will let you shape your hair however you want it and give you the desired form. Déjà vu is a flexible, fibrous paste that invisibly controls, holds and texturizes the hair. It is soft, not stiff, and facilitates multiple changes in hair style. It is recommended to naturally shape hairstyles with a soft consistency. It is ideal for short hair with modern shapes, unstructured and carefree styles.

Benefits: Facilitates multiple changes in hairstyles. Ideal for uneven cuts. One of its characteristics is its durability, with a memory effect. Sulfate, silicone-free formula.

Available in a 100 ml format.

Ingredients: Its Oz Effect technology acts by preventing the loss of hydration and by giving hair shine and consistency. It provides thermal protection and prevents the hair from being weighed down or drying out.