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Eva | Hydra-In | #43 | Carthamus Densi-Mousse | 200ml

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Carthamus Densi-Mousse fortifying and densifying hair mousse acts by holding the hair style in place, giving the hair volume and definition while also densifying the hair. It is suitable for any hair type, but especially for fragile and/or mature hair. Its formula contains no sulfates, parabens or allergens. Benefits: Fortifying and densifying mousse. Holds and defines the hair style. Especially for dry, damaged hair. Formulated with organic safflower oil. Paraben, sulfate and allergen-free formula. Available in a 200 ml format. Ingredients: Safflower oil: Rich in plant acids, Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. Acts as a vasodilator, boosting the action of nutrients on the hair follicle, helping to strengthen the hair and stimulate its growth. Its essential fatty acid content greatly aids in restructuring damaged hair.