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Eva | Hydra-in | #64 Yin & Yang roll on aroma cocktails | 2x5ml

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There is no Yin without Yang.  The Yin and Yang roll-on cocktails have opposite and complementary energies that will help you to enhance the circadian rythems, getting the relaxing or activating stimulus that best suits your needs.

Contains a blend of organic and essential oils 

Yin - Relaxing, anti stress roll-on.  helps to release tension and calm the mind.  leaves a pleasant and relaxing aroma.  Recommended for feelings of stress, nervousness, fatigue and anxiety.

Yang - Energising roll-on.  Helps to boost energy, refresh the mind and feel more active with a stimulating aroma.  Recommended to start the day with energy or when you need a boost.


Yin - pepper, sage, lavender, bergamot, clove, vetiver, cedarwood, jojoba

Yang - Grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, peppermint, jojoba