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Eva | Capilo | Oxygenum | #35 | Aqua Infusion | Oily Dandruff Lotion | 10 x 7ml

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Aqua-Infusion Oxygenum #35 is recommended for the treatment of dandruff conditions caused by the overproduction of oil. It eliminates dandruff and itching, protecting the scalp from their reappearance. The cellular oxygenator in its formula provides a great oxygenating action at the cellular level of the scalp. The combined action of lavender and raspberry vinegar balances and revitalizes the scalp and hair.

Benefits: Purifies the scalp and hair. Strengthens the scalp's natural defenses. Eliminates dandruff and regulates the sebaceous glands. Moisturizes the scalp and hair, with added shine.

Paraben, sulfate, silicone and allergen-free formula. Available in a 70 ml format.

Active ingredients:

  • White tea and lavender extract. Due to the high content of tannin has a powerful astringent effect. Strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. Protects sensitive and / or irritated skin. Excellent antioxidant power. White tea strengthens the body's defenses, neutralizing the activity of free radicals and fights cell aging. Regulates the sebaceous glands and tones the scalp.
  • Raspberry vinegar refreshes the hair due to its formula, which is rich in mineral salts, vitamins and acids necessary for the hair follicle. Excellent cleansing effect. Hair becomes especially pleasant to the touch.
  • Echinacea extract has an excellent antioxidant and cleansing effect. Strengthens and stimulates hair fiber. Gives the hair an extra shine.