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Eva | E-Line | HL (Hair Loss) Lotion | 100ml

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UNISEX CAPILLARY LOTION. Designed to protect against seasonal hair loss and take care of weakened hair.

BE Parabens | BE SILICONES | BE sulphates | BE artificial dyes

Supplemented with bamboo extract, which tones the cells of the scalp, provides them with nutrients and stimulates hair growth. Stimulates blood circulation by nourishing the hair follicle. This provides nutrients that stimulate hair growth and slow down their loss. When used in combination with HL shampoo, it increases the effectiveness of stopping hair loss.

Does not dry out hair and does not burden it. Does not affect hair formation.

Active ingredients:

  • Ginseng gives energy and vitality to the hair.
  • Bamboo regenerates and tones the cells of the scalp, stimulating stimulation and hair growth.

Frequency of use: your specialist will inform you how often you should use the remedy, since it depends on the required effect. Standard use should be 3 times a week.

Application: Wash your hair with HL SHAMPOO and dry with a towel. Spray HL LOTION into the scalp by spreading hair. Continuing to gently spin the wheels, massage the scalp. More intensively massage the more damaged areas. Do not rinse.