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Eva | Evondil Quaternium | #0 | Perm For Strong Hair | 125ml

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Evondil Quaternium Permanent Wave* is the innovative permanent concept that can be used with all hair types. It provides homogeneous curls from the roots to the ends and also gives the hair shine, volume and softness, without affecting its natural properties. The presence of quaternium polymer strengthens the curl, repairing the hair and making it easier to style. With Evondil Quaternium Permanent Wave, the hair remains strong and curly, with a healthy appearance, and permits any sort of color treatment without damage to the hair. Its 4 levels of permanent wave have been created to adapt to different types of hair: Evondil Quaternium "0" for very strong, healthy hair Get the perfect permanent wave for your hair! Benefits: Sexy volume, soft touch and vibrant shine. Its advanced formula results in energetic and long-lasting permanent waves. Conditioning and softening action. Silicone-free formula. Available in 125 ml and 600 ml formats.