Wifi Scalp Analysis Camera

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This Wifi Scalp Analysis Camera is the perfect tool to help identify scalp issues for your clients. A perfect addition to the Capilo product range. 

  1. With a 1080P high resolution, this Wifi Scalp Analysis Camera offers clear images for accurate analysis. 
  2. The compact size and user-friendly design make it easy to use and focus on specific areas.
  3. Equipped with a reliable light source, it features 6 pieces of white light LED for skin analysis and 4 pieces for scalp analysis.
  4. The control panel includes 1 key for various functions, including power switch, freeze, and save. 
  5. This device is also equipped with WIFI capability, allowing for wireless transfer of images to a mobile phone or tablet. 
  6. The accompanying free app allows for easy saving and organisation of images. 
  7. With a built-in battery, this camera can be used continuously for 2.5 to 3 hours.
  8. Choose from a 50 times lens for skin analysis or a 200 times lens for scalp analysis.
  9. In addition to analysing skin and scalp health, this device can also measure moisture levels
  10. Works with iOS and Android