Toner or No Toner. What colour clients need to know!

Jan 10, 2022
Wanting the perfect blonde sounds like a simple request but it depends on a number of factors from your natural hair colour, previous colours and condition of your hair. But no matter what blonde you want, a toner (also known as a glaze or gloss) is a must have for the best results.
Toner or No Toner. What colour clients need to know!

Myth #1 - Stylists use toners to fix mistakes

It's not possible for even the best colourist to lighten your hair to an ash shade, this is because of the natural pigments in your hair, not because of the colourist. Once we have lightened the hair to the correct level we need to tone it to balance the colour, remove unwanted tones and soften the end result. Home maintenance is also required to maintain the perfect ash blonde at home.

Myth #2 - Toner is a product, not a service

A toner is a colour service, not a specific product. We typically use these to brighten, enhance or neutralise the hair of unwanted tones.

Myth #3 - You can lift hair with a toner

Toners are designed simply to neutralise unwanted tones from the hair. They aren't made to lighten the hair. First we must colour the hair to the correct level then we tone to remove warm or unwanted tones.