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Over 98 years Dedicated to the hair cosmetic sector for professionals. We have been manufacturing high-quality hair care products Since 1922.
Eva Professional Hair Care Products

More Than 25,000 professionals worldwide place their trust in our products. We export to over 50 countries. People choose Eva Professional products to care for their hair.

INNOVATION AND QUALITY, Our facilities have over 5,000 square metres dedicated to research, development, and manufacturing of our products.

SUSTAINABILITY, High quality, sustainable products made of natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

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Environmental Sustainability
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Natural Ingredients
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Not Tested on Animals
EVA Who We Are

Who We Are?

We are the UK and Ireland arm of Eva Professional. We don't try to be everything to everyone. We carry the boutique salon only professional brands from Eva Professional which is from Barcelona, Spain and a salon equipment range with an everyday salon supplies range. Eva Professional has been established since 1922 and offers an amazing depth of international experience and salon only professional product + equipment. We are proud to be the national distributor for the Eva Professional brands here in UK and Ireland.

At Eva Professional UK and Ireland we aim to provide all hairdressers and beauticians with the latest products + equipment. We invite you to visit our large showroom so you can see, touch and feel the salon-only professional ranges on offer before you purchase.

At Eva Professional UK and Ireland we pride ourselves on having salon-only professional brands, amazing value and fantastic performance all while providing an exceptional personalised service.
EVA Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and market high quality hair care products. This quality goes together with respect for the environment and ethics, following parameters based on innovation and development.

Business sense disappears when you forget about the people who use our products. Our mission is to fulfil their expectations rigorously and professionally, offering products that suit their real needs.

Eva Professional Product Collections is an optimised colour service
Divina.One is a range of permanent hair colours from Eva Professional Hair Care, made in Barcelona since 1922. In over 50 countries people choose Eva Professional products to care for their hair. Divina.One is a high-intensity colour range with superior levels of moisturizing power.

UCS.2 Ultra Colour System Technology makes the most of the properties of its active ingredients.It is a high-intensity color range with superior levels of moisturizing power.
Divina.pure is an ammonia-free permanent color line
Divina.Pure.Vegan is an ammonia-free permanent hair colour cream with powerful properties that respects both hair and the environment, making way for new formulas that guarantee maximum comfort and care for your client's hair.

Its whole range offers conscious clients a unique experience of beauty and well-being. It's been formulated to reduce the risk of developing an allergy* while still delivering colour vibrancy, lastingness and coverage without compromise.
Divina.diva is an anti-aging hair colour that provides 100% coverage, for even the most resistant white hair.

Especially recommended for mature hair that is more than 70% grey. Formulate with UCS.2 Anti-age technology, it combines Chroma-tech, Collagen and Abyssinian Oil. Fights again the main signs of aging hair, strengtening the fibre, boosting elasticity and hair density. Long-lasting colour protection, thanks to the combination of Chroma-tech and Collagen.

Capillary treatments for hair loss, dandruff & oily scalp.
The Capilo line was created in 1937 with Capillicure, the first anti-hair loss lotion, based on research conducted by the French dermatologist Raymond, who characterized the different existing types of alopecia. In 1963, Capillicure changes to Capilo and incorporates new treatments becoming the number one solution specific for hair-related problems in France and Spain.

After its initial success, Capilo continued to evolve, and in 1979 capilliculture emerged as a method for acquiring knowledge, diagnosing, and treating the principal hair-related problems. Today, Capilo rejuvenates itself in order to remain at the forefront in the treatment of hair-related problems.
Use Vitamin Recharge for hair full of vitality, strength, body and brilliant shine.
VITAMIN RECHARGE is a great contribution of vitamins, biotin and panthenol to the scalp and hair. Each of the active ingredients enhances the strength of the product.

This collection will become your essential allied line of beauty and care. Made up of unique formulas that are not only Cruelty-Free, but also free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, allergens, synthetic dyes, alcohol, phthalates, and polycyclic musks, and all are Vegan Hair Products whilst nourishing the hair with nutrients and vitamins known to improve hair health.
An ultimate 100% organic hair rescue and line addressing specific hydration, nutrition and density needs for extreme hair rescue..

Key Factors
  • Line addressing specific hydration, nutrition and density needs for extreme hair rescue.
  • High cosmetic products.
  • Formulated with organic oils.
  • Free of Sulphates parabens,colorants and allergens.
  • Eco hair care

Color masks range. Its formula is made with a gentle fluid cream and direct colourants that can dye the hair without peroxide. Grapeseed oil contains vitamin E and antioxidant properties that strengthen and protect the hair fibre and prevent premature colour fade.
Bao Med Oil Bodywash
A Solution For Every Need

With products for all hair types, E-line will help you achieve healthy and shiny hair; curly hair, straight hair, blond, grey. All have an answer in E-line. Contains natural extracts such as bamboo, macadamia or amber to give your hair an extra boost of vitamins and nutrition.
Evajazz was created to give the perfect touch to your hairstyle
Created to give the perfect touch to your hairstyle and, with three levels of hold, they include Oz effect technology to provide perfect balance between achieving hold while preventing clumping and moisture loss.

Technical Manuals & Formulations

Vitamin Recharge Blonde
Vitamin Recharge Blonde
Technical Manual Divina.One & Divina.Pure
Technical Manual Divina.One & Divina.Pure
Mixing Guidelines
Mixing Guidelines
Eline Product & Training Guide
Eline Product & Training Guide
Capilo Hydra.In Product & Training Guide
Capilo Hydra.In Product & Training Guide
Vitamin Recharge Product & Training Guide
Vitamin Recharge Product & Training Guide

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