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REM | Colorado Baltic | Washpoint | Colour

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The Colorado Baltic is a compact, elegant Salon Backwash Unit in a contemporary design. Complete with a water saving shower head in chrome and the tilting white porcelain sumo basin. There are many features you can add to the chair to customise it, choose any of our fabrics, add a basin neck cushion, bottle trap, hair trap or a link unit. You can also add your Salons logo as a high quality embroidery to the chair. A well-proportioned design with distinctive sleek lines Complete with water-saving shower head and white tilting Sumo ceramic basin for exceptional comfort Removable rear access panel for easy plumbing Monobloc mixing valve with chrome hand spray, pre-plumbing, flexi waste and fixing kit Choice of 20 Fabrics Options to Consider: 4529 – Baltic Link 3955 – Logo embroidery 04938 – Basin Neck Rest 04928 – Hair Trap Contact us at Savvy and Shine to discuss your colour choices