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Eva Professional Divina.Pure.Vegan

Eva Professional Divina.Pure.Vegan

13 October 2021

Divina.Pure.Vegan is perfect for your clients with a sensitive scalp as the whole range offers conscious clients a unique experience of beauty and well-being. It's been formulated to reduce the risk of developing an allergy; while still delivering colour vibrancy, lastingness and coverage without compromise.

Welcome Framar to the Savvy & Shine family

08 October 2021

Savvy & Shine want to welcome Framar to our family and are extremely excited to bring these amazing products to our customers.

Sustainable, Eco friendly, Ethical brands

06 October 2021

Here at Savvy & Shine we pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly business. Choosing an eco-conscious business to purchase your products from will ensure you as a consumer are trying your best to save the planet.

Colour Guide: When to Use 10, 20, 30 or 40 Volume Developer

14 September 2021

Developer is, quite simply, hydrogen peroxide. Different companies will include different additives but at a base level the hydrogen peroxides job is to lift the cuticle layer of the hair. The stronger the developer the more the cuticle opens and the more lightening of natural pigment it has.

Eva Professional Colour Numbering System

15 July 2021

At Eva Professional, we follow the international colour code.

Top Tips for your Procare 24*7 Automatic Foil Cutter

14 July 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing foil residue from the rollers is essential to keep your machine operating smoothly.

Finding the Perfect Blonde Shampoo for You

16 October 2021

As there is a wide range of blonde hair colours we offer different purple shampoos suited just for you.

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